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Linspire 6.0 finaly Available for Download

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1New Linspire 6.0 finaly Available for Download on Mon Sep 01, 2008 6:32 pm

Starting with the best that open source desktop Linux has to offer Linspire adds enhanced functionality, interoperability and proprietary software to provide you the world's easiest Linux-bases operating system designed for laptop & desktop PCs.

It begins, where the others end...
Starting with the best that open source has to offer Linspire adds CNR, proprietary software, drivers, and codecs to provide the world's easiest Linux-based operating system designed for laptop & desktop PCs

There are several good Linux operating systems, but these products are much more difficult to install and use than Linspire. Highly technical users looking for an operating system with many installation options and configuration choices enjoy those types of operating systems.

Linspire is optimized for the non-technical users who are focusing on value, security and ease-of-use.

Many differences exist between Linspire and most other Linux-based operating systems:

1. CNR - Ease of adding new software - Installing Linux software is notoriously difficult. Unless you have the technical expertise to install Linux software, other versions of Linux will lock you into the software that came with your initial installation. Linspire makes sure you always have easy access to the latest-and-greatest software at provides access to over 20,000 free & commercial software programs, packages and libraries. To use, Linspire 6.0 users need to download and install a special CNR plugin from (available for Linspire 6.0 very soon). Visit to learn more, and to sign up to be notified as soon as the new CNR plugin becomes available for Linspire 6.0 users.

2. Value - You could spend thousands on individual pieces of software or you can subscribe to CNR for FREE and get all the same software with one-click.

3. Optimized for the desktop - Almost all other Linux operating systems are designed for servers. Linspire was designed specifically for desktop use. We paid close attention to the many details required for easy desktop computing, such as Internet connectivity, web browsing, printing, fonts, email, word processing, graphical user interface, etc.

4. Ease of installation - Linspire installs in approximately 10 minutes and doesn't ask the user any complicated, technical questions along the way. Most Linux products come on several CDs and can take hours to install. And even easier still are the Linspire pre-installed desktop computers.

5. Automatic Updating - Using CNR Technology, Linspire users have continual, instant access to the latest operating system updates, and updates to the other software running on their computer. Linspire manages the updating process for ALL your computer's software, making sure you're always running the latest and greatest.

6. Easy for existing Microsoft Windows users - Linspire uses an interface that is familiar and comfortable to use. Linspire also makes it easy to migrate from MS Windows.


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