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this is a small collection of software that i use with my Glofiish X800
which i think everyone will find real handy

Let s take a look what is there included in this pack..


Beeline GPS
you only need to copy this program into your sd card and run in from there.
It does not need installation of any kind and obviously it is a GPS utility.

MLS Destinator with Greek maps.
This is a very reliable navigation program using X800 s GPS.
The bummer is i only have the Greek maps so anyone who is not
from Greece will have to search the net for different maps. Once again
you do not need to install it. Just copy the folder "DestinatorApps"
into your SD card and click the destinator exe which is located in the folder

This program does all sort of things for you. Optimizes the X800,
tunes it up, free s ram and many many more. A must have for the X800.
Keygen is included so you are good to go after the installation. Beware
cab files are to be copied and installed from the SD card.

Audio Driver
A must have Driver because as all of the owners of the X800 have noticed the
audio is really really bad. That bad that you cannot use X800 as a music player.
Do not fear though. This Audio Driver will end your frustration and with the use
of the next software ( coreplayer ) audio and video will be a real joy on X800.
just copy the driver on the SD card and run it from there and you are done.

Audio and Video player. The best outhere for the X800. Unrar and
copy the cab on the SD. Run it and you are done.

Its a software driver for identifying the sdhc cards. The X800
doesn t really need it but for the owners of the X500 and X500+
it will do the trick.

Copy on the sd and run it. It will make the responce of the phone

A very usefull tool for really terminating the programs. It replaces the
WM6 X for closing programs and it really closes them instead of letting them
running on the backround.

The best browser for the X800. Copy on Sd and install.

Pocket cinema.
Nice player but not as good as the coreplayer. Besides Coreplayer supports almost everyformat.

Tool used to change the GPS options and mainly to switch between NMEA and Sirf communication
protocol. Use with caution.

softick card export.
Make your X800 into a flash drive with this tool and switch back to active sync if you wish.
Excellent software and key is included. You have to change the owners name to Tsrh in order for
the key to work. But believe me its worth it.

A freeware releace of the coreplayer. I would stick thought to the coreplayer. Its more reliable.

A pocket pc edition of the famous Winamp

Freeware tool to manage audio. Very handy.

manage the cpu scaling of the X800. I prefer to use it for monitoring perposes only.

GPS Utilities
Yet another gps utility. check it out and see if you like it. Copy and the SD and run

Esymetric Run Gps
The last Gps Utility in this pack. Can be also used for training.

For all of you guys owners of the x800 be sure to download the audio drivers...
It will really change your X800 around. You will finally be able to use it as a media player.


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